Safety Tips

Safety first - We at Ads Net make it a point to provide our users with a simple yet delightful buying and selling experience though online classified advertising in Australia. On top of everything else, we wish to ensure that our users are fully aware of the precautions that should be taken while posting an ad, responding to an interested buyer or seller, moving forward on a deal, and finalizing a transaction.

Here are some of the things that you should take care of so that whenever you post classified ads in Australia with us, you are safe while you make or spend money.



  • It is preferable to give your phone number so that communication is easy and fast.
  • Avoid putting pictures of yourself. 
  • Try to keep disclosed information limited to what is required for a transaction. Do not give away unnecessary details about yourself. This guards your privacy.
  • To avoid arguments and confusion at a later date, disclose the important information about the products and services so that responders can make an informed decision and you can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding at a later stage. 
  • Do not post objectionable photos or text which is against our terms and conditions.